Ever have trouble learning to play the piano? The Mobile Music Touch (MMT) is a music instruction system that uses vibrotactile feedback to train one’s fingers to play musical melodies on the piano. Each fingerlet in the glove in instrumented with miniature vibration motors that, when paired with a song, vibrate to indicate which finger is used for the corresponding note. The MMT operates both with a keyboard or as a standalone system. The keyboard has LEDs embedded in each key so that the user can pair the appropriate finger with the correct position on the keyboard. The standalone system has a set number of prerecorded songs that a user can wear on the way to class or during the commute to work to practice a much desired music piece while on-the-go. This system has been proven to train individuals the appropriate sequential notes independent of listening to the song. This work, done at the Georgia Institute of Technology, has also been applied as a method of hand rehabilitation for individuals with quadriplegia. The glove redesign and implementation of the standalone system was done under the advisement of Tanya Markow, Ph.D and in collaboration with Alex Scarlata, Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Matthew Eicholtz, Stephen Garrett, Charles Schooler, and Aneesh Tarun.

Check out this CNN video of the Mobile Music Touch in action!